About Stara Planina

The high mountain massif of Stara Planina is classified as a fold mountain. The main fold is about 550 km long, spreading from Zaječar to the Black Sea. Part of this range is also a natural border between Serbia and Bulgaria. Stara Planina also has a different name - Balkan, and actually the Balkan Peninsula was named after this mountain. The highest peak of Stara Planina is located on the border and in the territory of Serbia - Midžor, at 2,169 m above sea level. A part of Stara Planina situated in Serbia belongs to the municipalities of Zaječar, Knjaževac, Pirot and Dimitrovgrad. The area of Stara Planina massif in Serbia is 1,802 square metres.

One of the most beautiful landscapes of Stara Planina is a natural reserve of Babin Zub, situated at 1,758 m above sea level. Steep slopes, sharp rises, wondrous waterfalls, fields of wild berries, thick forests, they all offer possibilities for development of various types of tourism.

Stara Planina enjoys a moderate continental climate, modified in line with the height above sea level and situation of the mountain. It is covered in snow almost five months a year, at the heights of 1,100 to 1,900 meters, and offers huge potentials for long alpine skiing runs.

Stara Planina flora and fauna are specific, and the foot of Babin Zub is habitat for subalpine beech, while brooks and rivers boast of stream trout. Stara Planina is rich in medicinal herbs and mushrooms, and habitat to many species of rare plants.

In the villages at the bottom of Stara Planina you will be met by kind and friendly hosts, always ready to offer the travellers with foods from olden days, which will certainly involve "belmuž", a speciality of this area, made of cheese and cornmeal.

Magnificent beauty of Stara Planina will win you over and captivate you, not only during winter, but throughout the whole year. This is an ideal place for fans of pristine nature wishing to discover infinite treasures of this mountain beauty in the east of Serbia.