Stara planina, regionally belongs to East Serbia, and administratively it is spreading on the territory of four townships, Zaječar, Knjaževac, Pirot and Dimitrovgrad. Mountain massive Stara planina consists of Zaglavak and Visoka, in which Trgoviški and Beli Timok, that is Visočica and Toplodolska river dominate.

Stara planina is 330 km away from Belgrade, 70 km from Niš, 100 km from Zaječar, 60 km from Knjaževac or Pirot.

You may reach Stara planina from several directions.

If you take route Niš-Svrljig-Knjaževac-Kalna-Babin zub, trip is 110 km with good vertical and horizontal signalization. This direction route is regularly maintained and is currently the best choice to arrive at Stara planina. Caution is recommended on Tresibaba, part of the route Svrljig-Knjaževac, as during the winter ice can be on the roads.

Shortest trip for those coming from Belgrade or West Serbia is Sokobanja-Knjaževac-Kalna-Babin zub. Route Sokobanja-Knjaževac is somewhat of lower quality. 

Route Niš-Svrljig-Jalovik izvor-Kalna-Babin zub, is 30 km shorter from the route across Knjaževac. This route is currently under reconstruction.

There is also route Niš-Pirot-Kalna-Babin zub, where you take highway from Niš to Pirot, then you take exit for Temska, but one part of the road from Temska to Kalna is somewhat of lower quality.