About us

Name: Public Company for the development of mountain tourism in Stara Planina Knjaževac, Miloša Obilića 1

Legal form: public company

Headquarters Knjaževac

Statistic number: 07405669

Activity Code: 7022

Name of Activity: consultance activities Business and other management

PIB: 100630918

Industry PC "Stara Planina" is specific because it is the first "Green Field" project development of winter I summer tourism in Serbia in the last twenty years I have no significant competition.

PC Stara Planina deals with the construction of a tourist complex located Jabučko ravnište in Stara Planina. In addition to the planned continuation of the construction of accommodation and facilities of primary infrastructure on Stara Planina In 2011, PE "Stara Planina", I continued expanding its participation in the performance of other business of providing consulting and engineering services, development of strategic environmental impact assessment for the detailed regulation plan, as and making an impact assessment built facilities on the environment, as well as the provision of services which include: providing expert opinions, planning and control of project documentation, drafting expertise, conducting research and etc., Production and sales of the Federation of tender documentation for the planned calls for proposals for the selection of partners to build, provision of urban planning - Making plans general and detailed regulation, performing the function of technical supervision for the construction of primary infrastructure facilities Stat Stara Planina.