About us

The public enterprise for the development of mountain tourism "Stara Planina" deals with the development of the tourist center on the Jabučko ravnište on Stara Planina. Until now, the location of Jabučko ravniše has been equipped with infrastructure and the Hotel "Stara Planina" has been built. Work is being done on completing the necessary infrastructure, as well as on bringing in investors for the construction of accommodation facilities on the Jabučko ravnište area. Public enterprise Stara planina is a republican public enterprise with headquarters in Knjaževac, founded for the development of a tourist center on Stara Planina. JP Stara planina created complete urban planning documentation for the area of the Jabučko ravnište, as well as access corridors for power lines and water supply. Based on this, the location Jabučko ravnište on Stara Planina is well-equipped with infrastructure - system for water supply and atmospheric and fecal sewage were built, as well as a plant for purifying waste water, road networks, telecomunications, etc Hotel "Stara Planina" was built on this location and is one of the best mountain hotels in Serbia. PE Stara Planina cooperates with other national and local enterprises, as well as with state bodies and the municipality of Knjaževac.


The mission of the Public Enterprise is to maximize public interest related to the development of mountain areas in the Republic of Serbia, protecting the environment, cultural and natural values of the area, as well as, through the development of new, internationally renowned mountain tourist centres, to contribute to the increase of the competitiveness of tourism in Serbia, the increase in the foreign currency inflow from tourism revenues, the growth of employment, the development of the entire society, the better life of all citizens in Serbia and the increase of the international reputation of our country, both in terms of tourism and its reputation in general.


The vision of the Public Enterprise is focused on the development of 'Jabučko ravnište' mountain resort, which would make the Republic of Serbia an international, globally recognized tourism brand. With its activities and importance, 'Stara Planina' Public Enterprise is the chief coordinator between all the entities and developmental activities related to Stara Planina, with a tendency of becoming the one for other mountain tourist centres in the near future as well.