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Master plan of a tourist resort Stara planina has been prepared by internationally accepted standards from a world known company Ecosign Mountain Resort Planners Ltd., Whistler, Canada, combining natural beauty of the area, current trends for the organization of boarding capacity, as well as the most modern infrastructural installation for summer and winter activities.
Mix of untouched nature and local style of living among local mountain villages represents a model of sustainable development of tourism, which also includes uniqueness in architectural and landscape view, offers maximal comfort to the visitors.
Network of the up to date ski lifts, it has been designed to respect the natural laws of the mountain and to follows the attractive ski slopes.
All day activates throughout winter and summer season, will proceed in untouched nature next to the resort
Partners’ interested in investing in the development of the resort Stara Planina, we can offer wide specter of possibilities for secure investment and return on the investment.
Beside very good opportunity for the investment we can offer you to grow together. Developing Master plan of the tourist resort Stara planina we have already completed building necessary infrastructure for its functioning.
According to the different phases of the development presented in the Master plan of Stara planina, we are able to offer different locations for the building of hotels, apartments, condotels, single and multy family units.
This approach will allow you to choose your role as a business partner in the process of building, as a management company or as a tenant of already build unit. We are open and wish to work together as partners, alongside in the development of the tourist resort Stara planina a very good business opportunity and to grow together....