Stara Planina regionally belongs to Eastern Serbia, and administratively it covers the territories of four municipalitie: Zaječar, Knjaževac, Pirot, and Dimitrovgrad. The mountain massif of Stara Planina consists of Zaglavak and Visoka, dominated by Trgoviški and Beli Timok, as well as Visočica and Toplodolska reka.

Stara Planina is 330 km from Belgrade, 80 km from Niš, 100 km from Zaječar and 50 km from Knjaževac or Pirot.

Stara Planina can be reached from several directions.

The shortest route for those coming from Belgrade or Western Serbia is the highway to Nis, to the junction for Svrljig and Knjaževac, and then via Svrljig and Kalna to Stara Planina. The direction Niš - Svrljig - Kalna - Stara Planina is 30 kilometers shorter than the direction Niš - Svrljig - Knjaževac - Kalna - Stara Planina. To arrive from the direction of Bulgaria, the shortest way is to take the highway Dimitrovgrad - Pirot, to Pirot, and then take the highway and the direction Pirot - Temska - Kalna - Babin Zub and thus arrive at Stara Planina. All the mentioned roads are in good condition.