St. George's Day meetings - Prayer under Midžor

The traditional event "St. George's Day meetings - Prayer under Midžor" is held on the slopes of Stara Planina in two villages of Budžak - in Vrtovac, on May 6 on St, George's Day, and on the first Saturday after George's Day in Balta Berilovac.
The event under this name, today implies a suitable traditional cultural and artistic program, in which performers of original songs and dances participate. The most beautiful shepherdess is also chosen, and attracts the most attention is the competition in the preparation of old dishes from this region. One of the highlights is the competition in the preparation of Belmuž, a specialty of this region. In the clearing near the village school, shepherd's games are organized, in which local people from the surrounding villages participate.

Sabor na Panadžur

In the village of Jalovik Izvor, near Kalna, at the very foothills of Stara Planina, the "Sabor na Panadžur" is held. This manifestation is organized on the day of the Great Lady, August 28. Performers of folk and original music take part, and bagpipers and brass bands are of particular interest to tourists. "Sabor na Panadžur" has been gathering a large number of fans of old, original and almost forgotten songs.