Đurđevdan gathering – Prayer under Midžor

Traditional manifestation “Đurđevdan gathering – Prayer under Midžor” is held on the hillside of Stara planina in two villages Budžaka – in Vrtovac, on 6th of May on Đurđevdan, and few days later in Balta Berilovac. In ancient times, shepherds believed that the protectors of their flock deliberately gathered and dissipated clouds on Stara planina. In order to propitiate, pastors isolated the most beautiful lamb, decorated it with spring wreath and sacrificed it on the stone altar. Victim was sacrificed beside the temple, while a candle was lit on the small horn. Lamb was cooked in cauldron, and blessed soup was given to local residents as reliquiae under the name “Prayer under Midžor”.

Manifestation, under respective name, today represents suitable cultural and artistic programme, where participants perform original songs and dances. The most beautiful shepherdess is chosen, and what attracts tourist the most is a contest in native meals preparation.  The most famous meals of Budžak are klinka, type of soup made from sour cabbage, soup from “vočće” (raisins), lean dry paprika stuffed with leek, and from candies, sorrel from cherry plum. One of the signatures is also a contest in belmuž preparation, which is a specialty of this region. On the glades above the village school, shepherds’ plays are organized, where local residents from the surrounding villages participate.