Extreme sports

Stara planina provides great opportunities for extreme sports. Slopes of Stara planina are ideal for „free ride“ and snowboard, therefore many skiers and snowboarders have long been guests of this mountain in eastern Serbia.

During summer, many paragliding competitions were held here, so the starting points for this extreme sport which gets more and more fans, are already established.

Also, competitions in mountain cycling were held on Stara planina. For several years races were run here as part of competitions of Eurobalkan cycling cup and races for Serbian championship cup.

Alpinism is also classified as an extreme sport, and on Stara planina there are conditions for this sport as well. Many cliffs and mountain peaks are quite challenges for lovers of this sport, but also for recreationals.  Midžor on Stara planina holds the highest peak of Serbia with the altitude of 2.169 m.

All this confirms that Stara planina can offer its guests a variety of programmes throughout the entire year.

Extreme sports