Healing herbs

Long-term research has shown that Stara planina belongs to floristically richest part of Serbia, Balkans and Europe. Specific geographical position, altitude and historic development of flora and vegetation have affected on exceptional diversity of flora of this area.  On Stara planina there are more than one thousand different plant species, out of which over hundred represent endemic species.

On the slopes of Stara planina, many medicinal plants, that are protected by the Law, grow and develop. This category also includes Juniperus communis - juniper; Asarum europaeum – wild ginger; Chellidonium majus - tetterwort; Saponaria officinalis - soapweed; Melilotus officinalis – yellow melilot; Ononis spinosa – spiny restharrow; Frangula alnus – alder buckthorn; Viscum album - mistletoe; Angelica silvestris - wild angelica; Gentiana lutea - gentian; Equisetum arvense – horsetail and many others.

Medicinal plants are beautiful, beneficial and useful. Tradition of using herbs for treatment is extremely rich and long and represents significant heritage.  Collecting herbs for your own needs usually does not endanger the survival of medicinal plants.