Hunting and fishing

Stara planina and the surrounding of Knjaževac are ideal area for hunting tourism. In the municipality of Knjaževac there are four hunting grounds, of total surface area around 60.000 hectares. These are: "Tupižnica", "Srbija šume II", "Tresibaba" and "Midžor" Kalna.


From games most common are trophy games, pheasant, rabbit and otter. On Tupižnica there is a reservevation for deer game, pheasant farm with 1.500 pheasant chicken, section for wild boar hunting.


The hunting ground Babin zub is managed by the hunting association "Midžor" from Kalna. It covers a surface area of 28.000 hectares, and a territory of 14 rural settlements, whose common name is Budžak. Altitude is from 500 up to 2000 meters, from tame hills to difficult, high mountainous terrain. Almost entire territory is accessible for terrain vehicles, and each part of the hunting ground can be reached on foot.


At the highest part of the hunting round, towards the Bulgarian boarder, there are most common deers, of large weight and great trophy value. Wild boars, as most commonly hunted game, inhabits the entire hunting ground and in number is above capacity, with often cases of slaughtered boars weighing about 250 kg . Deer can be found on the entire area, with a value from average up to excellent. Hunting of the wolves is traditionally organized in February. From other wildlife, which is rarely hunted or is protected, there are jackals, badgers, wild cats, stone marten, foxes, otters, rabbits, skunks, and from birds partridge, ring-pigeon, turtedove, quail, as well as many species of hawks and owls.


Depending from needs and weather conditions, into the hunting grounds live wildlife is introduced (partridge), wildlife is fed, soloists are set up, objects and traps are built. Also, rods and paths through hunting grounds are maintained, so that the hunters and tourists could enjoy the beauty, but also to experience the charm of hunting in real mountain hunting ground such as Babin zub, in the shadow the peaks of Stara planina.


On the area of Stara planina, there is a large number of streams where one can be fishing river trout, chub, gudgeon, whitefish, but there are also European crayfish.


Hunting association "Midžor"

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Hunting association Knjaževac

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Hunting association Minićevo

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Hunting and fishing