The nature

In terms of the wealth of flora and fauna, Stara planina is a true island with treasuresStara Planina is a real treasure island. It was declared a Nature Park in 1997. This mountain beauty is an area with exceptional values from the point of view of the diversity of flora and fauna and their communities, as well as geomorphological, geological, hydrological, and hydrogeological peculiarities, in which the traditional way of life and cultural assets are present. The area of Stara Planina Nature Park is 142,219.64 hectares.
40 plant species grow on its slopes, which are protected as natural rarities in the territory of Serbia. Some of them are dwarf iris, mountain sassa, adonis, Kosovo peony, bush alder, steppe oak, mountain maple, forest lily, peatland, saffron, and others.

The richness of the vegetation is reflected in the variety of shrubs, forests, meadows, pastures. Altitude vegetation zones are also distinguished: the oak belt, the beech belt, the spruce belt, the belt of subalpine shrub vegetation of low juniper, blueberries, and subalpine spruce, and the curve belt.
Nature reserves have been set aside on Stara Planina so far:
• "Draganište" - a spruce forest reserve
• "Golema reka" - beech rainforest
• "Vražja glava" - an important site in the Stara Planina forest complex, where you can follow the spontaneous development of plant species, especially the mountain maple.
• "Smrče" (Arbinje) - the best preserved and most beautiful spruce forests on Stara Planina and in Serbia in general
• "Kopren" - represents a site of plants from the carnivorous family .

Numerous animal groups are represented in this area, which contributes to the beauty of nature. The greatest diversity of birds in Serbia and the former Yugoslavia, and most of the Balkans is located on Stara Planina, and it is also included in the register to the register of the most important areas for the birds of Europe. The fauna of mammals is represented by several species, especially the vole, snow vole, lynx, and bear.